Visa Account Updater

As of November 1, 2017, Visa™ began automatically updating credit and debit card information stored by businesses. This change affects all Visa cardholders at all financial institutions, not just REGIONAL members.

If you have entered your Visa credit or debit card with (for example) an online retailer, video streaming service, subscription service, or other type of business, when your current card expires, and you activate your new card, these businesses will automatically be provided with the new card’s expiration date and CVV code. This would include cards which simply have a new expiration date and those with a new number (such as when the old card was compromised with fraud).

This means there will be no need to manually update your card information when a new Visa card is issued, and your services will continue uninterrupted.

However, this also means that if you do not wish to continue a relationship with a business that has stored your card information, you will have to takes steps to cancel your accounts, as simply letting your old card expire without updating will no longer work to discontinue services. Please remember this information will be updated each time you receive a new card – regardless of whether or not you are still doing business with a retailer.

If you prefer to manage your online relationships and who is obtaining updated information yourself, you may opt out of Visa Account Updater for your REGIONAL credit or debit card by submitting the form below.

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