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REGIONAL believes that everyone deserves a second chance to establish good standing and a solid financial history. Our Steps Program is designed to address the needs of members who have encountered difficulties in the past. The Steps Program helps members avoid alternative financial services such as check-cashing and payday loan operations, which can be predatory in nature and often trap their users in a cycle which from which it is difficult to break free. Take the first steps toward financial freedom and independence—call 1-800-762-7419 or stop by any REGIONAL office for more details. 

First Step Checking

Sometimes past money problems can make it difficult to open a checking account. First Step Checking helps you establish an account and becomes a standard Free Checking account after 12 months in good standing. First Step Checking requires direct deposit and has a monthly fee of $8, and comes with a free Visa Debit Card, no minimum balance, no transaction limits and nationwide Co-Op Shared Branch/ATM access.


NOTE: This is not a REGIONAL membership application. To join the credit union, visit

Step Up Loan*

Sometimes you need extra cash, but payday lenders can trap you in an endless cycle of high fees and extreme interest rates. The Step Up Loan from REGIONAL is your low-cost alternative to payday lending that also helps you build credit. Talk to a Lending Expert at 1-800-762-7419 for full details today, and take a step in the right direction.

*Results are not guaranteed, and your credit score's improvement depends on your financial behavior. Even if you are paying your loan, credit problems on other accounts you own, such as late payments, missed payments, and other defaults, may impact your credit score. This loan will not remove negative credit history from your credit report. A fee of $3 per week will be charged if a balance exists. A maximum of $156.00 will be charged annually per Step-Up Loan. Direct deposit must be established 6 months prior to participating in the Step-Up Program. Members must maintain a direct deposit of their payroll throughout the loan period.

Progressive Loan

The Progressive Loan starts with $1,000 and a 12-month repayment term, then progresses in $200 increments up to $2,000 for 12 months. By that time, you’ve got 60 months of successful loan repayments boosting your credit score. The Progressive Loan requires either 12 months of direct deposit (from the same source) or to be established in the Step Up Loan program.

Credit Builder Loan

If you need help rebuilding your credit history from the ground up, a Credit Rebuilder Loan may be right for you. A major portion of your credit score is based on whether or not you’ve been paying on time. With a Credit Builder Loan, you make regular, easy payments on a secured loan. When the term of the loan is over, you’ll have $500 cash in your savings account and you’ll have made progress toward a positive credit history. Call 1-800-762-7419 today.

Share Pledge Visa™

A Share Pledge Visa is another great way to build your credit history. Your credit limit is secured against the funds in your savings account while you use your credit card as normal and make the monthly payments.

Share Pledge Loan

A Share Pledge Loan is secured by the funds in your savings account and can help you establish or rebuild credit, or just give you a great rate on a loan (while still earning interest on the funds in your savings). You can also use the funds in your account to secure another member’s Share Pledge Loan, helping that member to establish a good credit history.

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