REGIONAL Checking: the Features You Need, the Benefits You Want 

Putting money in a savings account is a great idea, but most of us also need to use our money, too. REGIONAL Checking accounts give you easy access to your money, and when you add a Visa Debit card plus Online and Mobile banking, you have worldwide, 24/7 access to the funds in your account. Whether you're a young person working your first after-school job, want to rebuild your good standing with a mainstream deposit institution, or keep large balances in your account every month, REGIONAL has a Checking option for you. 

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Free Checking

Free Checking is for our members who want a simple, hassle-free account with no monthly fees and no minimum balance.

Free Checking includes a no-fee Visa™ Debit Card for purchases, mobile and online banking access, and can be set up with direct deposit, overdraft protection and electronic alerts.

Checking Plus

Checking Plus is a unique checking account for our members who want to maximize their returns, with interest paid on a minimum balance of $1,000 and a low monthly maintenance fee. Checking Plus also features a free Visa™ Debit Card, mobile and online banking access, and three non-REGIONAL ATM fees waived per month.

First Step Checking

First Step Checking is designed to help members who have had financial challenges and don’t meet the requirements for a Free Checking account…yet. This account helps rebuild good standing and establish a solid checking relationship with a mainstream financial institution while learning account management skills, with a low monthly fee.

REGIONAL has a full suite of products designed to help members build or rebuild credit and good standing. Learn more about the Steps Program here.

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Next Generation Checking

Learning how to spend is an important part of learning to save. That’s why REGIONAL offers free Next Generation Checking to members ages 14 and up.

Next Generation Checking is a fully-functioning checking account, minus the paper checks, that includes a Visa™ Debit Card, mobile and online banking, and more.

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