Regular Savings

Piggy BankYour Regular Savings is your gateway to all that REGIONAL has to offer. A minimum of $5 is required to open and maintain this account. Regular Savings earns interest on balances of $200 and over.


Your D.C.A. account earns a higher dividend than regular savings, and your funds are available for withdrawal at any time without penalty. A minimum balance of $2,500 is required to earn interest on this account.

Special Savings

Your Special Savings Account can be anything you want it to be—you even pick the name! Save for that special vacation, holiday trip, gift, entertainment event, or anything you wish. A minimum of $200 is required to earn interest.

Christmas Savings

Need an extra incentive to keep your funds in savings? Our Christmas Savings Account was made for you! This account earns interest and can be deposited to at any time. Withdrawals can be made penalty-free between November 1st and December 31st. A $15 penalty applies for withdrawals at any other time.

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