Fraud Prevention Dispatches

Affinity Fraud


Affinity Fraud happens when someone uses a shared identity to build trust within a community, in order to defraud its members. Affinity Fraud targets churches, clubs, professional associations and more, and usually involves some type of phony investment scheme. Don't get hooked just because someone says they're "just like you."

How Scammers Use Your Emotions


A heightened emotional state can be used to convince potential victims into acting without thinking critically about the situation. Don't let scammers manipulate your emotions!

Don't Trust Caller I.D.


Telephone scams are widespread, and scammers can make caller I.D. say anything they think will cause you to answer. Here are some tips to avoid phone fraudsters.

Romance Scams: 3 Red Flags


Millions of people use online dating sites and apps every day. It's big business, and there are plenty of success stories. However, there are also a lot of scammers lurking in these spaces, ready to manipulate your emotions and pick your pocket, or use you as a pawn in a larger criminal enterprise. Here are 3 warning signs of a romance scammer.

3 Basic Tips for Avoiding Scams


There are thousands of different scams and subtle variations on each one, but a lot of fraud prevention comes down to simple ideas that can be applied to any situation. Here are 3 basic tips for steering clear of scams and fraud.

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