TruStage | Insurance the Credit Union Way

TruStage: Insurance the Credit Union Way

As a REGIONAL member, you already experience better banking. Isn’t it time to try insurance the credit union way, too? TruStage can help you save on auto, life, property and more. Call Leslie Herod at 219-921-4004 today!


With discounts for credit union membership, the TruStage Auto Insurance Program could save you money. It’s easy to get a quote and make the switch—even if you’re already covered with another company, you won’t lose a penny. Isn’t it time for car insurance the credit union way?


TruStage believes hardworking families like yours deserve protection from unexpected financial hardship.

That’s why TruStage developed a full range of life insurance products, designed to work comfortably within your budget. Life insurance doesn’t have to be complicated. They’ll walk you through your options and help make sense of the benefits and tradeoffs. The fact is, life insurance is one of the greatest gifts you can give your family—and you can begin today!


Your REGIONAL membership may qualify you for discounted home insurance through the TruStage Auto & Home Insurance Program. Insurance is available for homeowners, renters and condo owners.


Although the yearly federal open enrollment period for health insurance has ended, major life changes may qualify you to buy health insurance now:

  • Family changes like getting married or the birth (or adoption) of a baby
  • Loss of health coverage from your employer

Qualifying events such as these generally mean you have 60 days to enroll in a health plan. As a REGIONAL member, the TruStage Health Insurance Program gives you access to GoHealth. Licensed insurance experts are ready to confirm if your event qualifies, check your eligibility for financial assistance, and help you find, compare and buy coverage.

Start Today!

Call 574-247-1104 ext. 59928 or visit TruStage online.

TruStage™ insurance products and programs are made available through TruStage Insurance Agency, LLC. Life insurance and AD&D insurance are issued by CMFG Life Insurance Company. Auto and Home Insurance Program is issued by leading insurance companies. The insurance offered is not a deposit, and is not federally insured, sold or guaranteed by your credit union.

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