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Foreign Currency Exchange

Buy Foreign Currency

REGIONAL takes pride in offering you the most convenient, safest and secure method of purchasing foreign currency for 100+ countries without paying exorbitant fees found in airports, hotels and currency exchange outlets found throughout the world.

With eZforex, your foreign money arrives safely. You arrive ready to go. With convenient delivery of foreign currency to your home or office, you can arrive at your destination ready to enjoy yourself, rather than waiting in long lines after an overnight flight.

In addition, please be aware that exotic currencies take an additional 1 - 2 business days to receive. Also, please be aware of Credit Union Holidays Closings when ordering currency. For full details on delivery times on all types of foreign currency, please call us at 800-762-7419.

Benefits of Purchasing Foreign Currency through REGIONAL

  • Buy today and go prepared! Avoid a surcharge fee when using a credit card overseas on purchases
  • E-mail Reminder - Not ready to buy today? Simply complete the online form and you will be sent a reminder timed 30 days prior to your departure
  • Unsure how much foreign currency you'll need? With the Currency Price Protection service you can purchase up to $1,000 USD of most foreign currencies and return any amount at the same exchange rate as originally purchased. Please note that this amount will vary from currency to currency. For Euros and English Pounds, you can now purchase up to $2,500 USD with Currency Price Protection and return any amount at the same exchange rate as originally purchased
  • Avoid waiting in long lines after a long overnight flight
  • Avoid unnecessary fees and inflated exchange rates in airports, hotels, and banks.

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Traveling with your REGIONAL debit or credit card?

If you’re a REGIONAL VISA™ credit or debit cardholder, be sure to give us a call before you leave for vacation or other travel. That way, you’ll be able to use your REGIONAL credit or debit card anywhere you go.

If you don’t call first, your cards may be blocked. This applies to both overseas and domestic travel-it’s a security measure to prevent unauthorized use of your card.

Simply call Card Services at 1-800-289-5939 and let them know when you’re leaving, where you’re going and when you’ll be back, and you can enjoy all the benefits of your REGIONAL VISA™ credit or debit card, no matter where you’re traveling!

Savings Bond

As of 2012, paper savings bonds are no longer being sold over the counter at banks and other financial institutions. Instead, Americans can continue to buy savings bonds online from the convenience of home. Opening a TreasuryDirect account is free, and you can buy and manage your savings bonds online, anytime – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also purchase online savings bonds as gifts – TreasuryDirect offers a variety of gift certificates for any occasion. Visit www.savingsbond.gov for more information.