Credit Line Account Agreement And Disclosure


  • Visa Platinum with Rewards
  • Visa Platinum Elite
  • Visa Platinum
  • Signature Line Of Credit
    (Including Overdraft Protection)

This is your credit line account agreement and it includes necessary Federal Truth-in-Lending Disclosure Statements, VISA Agreements, and any special instructions regarding the use of your Visa Platinum with Rewards, Visa Platinum Elite, Visa Platinum Credit Cards and/or any other account access device. Please be certain to read this agreement carefully and notify us at once if any parts are unclear.


In this Agreement the reference to "We", "Us", "Our" and "Credit Union" mean REGIONAL FEDERAL CREDIT UNION. The words "You" and "Your" mean each person accepting this Agreement. If this is a joint account, read singular pronouns in the plural. The words "Card" and "Credit Card" mean any Visa Platinum with Rewards, Visa Platinum Elite, Visa Platinum Credit Card issued to You by Us and any duplicates or renewals. Convenience Checks mean the special Account access devices We provide for Your use from time to time.

You, as the Borrower, under a Credit Line Account ("Account"), understand that the following Federal Disclosure Statement and the terms and conditions found herein constitute Our Agreement with You. Your Account may be accessible through a variety of means which could include advance request forms, vouchers, checks, charge slips, Convenience Checks, Credit Cards and the like. Regardless of the access means, You promise to pay Us all amounts charged to Your Account by You or by any user who has access to Your Account, with actual, apparent or implied authority for use of Your Account, including Finance Charges and other fees or charges described herein.

FEATURE CATEGORIES. Your Account has Feature Categories which may include VISA, Vision VISA, VISA Gold and Signature Line of Credit (including Overdraft Protection).

ADVANCES. Whenever You request a transaction, We may require You to prove Your identity. If You request an advance by tdlephone, We will deposit the amount requested in Your Share Account or Your Share Draft Account and You authorize Us to do this, or We may draw a draft or check made payable to You and mail it to You. When the amount advanced appears on a subsequent statement, that will be conclusive evidence of Your telephone request. You understand that all advances are subject to Our prior approval.

SECURITY. As permitted by law, You agree that all transactions under this Agreement in either joint or individual Accounts, will be secured by Your shares on deposit with Us (other than those deposits established under a governmental approved tax deferral plan such as an IRA or KEOGH account) and any dividends due or to become due to You from Us to the extent that You owe any unpaid balance on Your Account and We may set-off any mutual indebtedness.

LIEN ON SHARES. If You have been issued a Credit Card, You grant and consent to a lien on Your shares with Us (except for IRA and KEOGH Accounts) and any dividends due or to become due to You from Us to the extent You owe any unpaid balance.

OTHER SECURITY. Collateral (other than household goods or any dwelling) given as security under any other loan You may have with Us will secure all amounts You owe Us now and in the future.

LINE OF CREDIT LIMITS. You will be notified of Your specific Credit Limit for each Feature Category under Your Account. Unless You are in default, any Credit Limit established for You will generally be self-replenishing as You make payments.

You will keep Your unpaid balance within any Credit Limit set by Us, and You will pay any amount over Your Credit Limit on Our demand whether or not We authorize the advance or transaction which caused You to exceed Your Credit Limit. Even if Your unpaid balance is less than Your Credit Limit, You will have no credit available during any time that any aspect of Your Account is in default.

JOINT ACCOUNTS. Each Borrower will be responsible, jointly and severally, for the repayment of any amounts owed. If any Account access device, such as a Personal Identification Number (PIN) is requested and approved, You understand that any such Account access device(s) will be mailed only to the primary Borrower at the address indicated on the application for Your Account. We may refuse to follow any instructions which run counter to this provision.

MINIMUM MONTHLY PAYMENTS (PAYMENT SCHEDULE). Though You need only pay the Minimum Monthly Payments, You understand that You have the right to repay Your Account at any time without penalty. Any advance payment, partial payment or prepayment on Your Account will not delay Your next scheduled due date. Any amount paid in excess of the Minimum Monthly Payment due will be applied to Your outstanding Account balance. You also understand that You will only be charged periodic Finance Charges to the date You repay Your entire Account balance. You may make larger payments without penalty. All payments to Us must be in lawful money of the United States. We may apply each payment to whichever Feature Category We wish. For all Feature Categories (except VISA, Vision VISA and VISA Gold), payments will be applied first to any Fees and Charges owing, then to Finance Charges due then to outstanding principal balance. VISA, Vision VISA and VISA Gold payments will be applied at Our discretion.

VISA Minimum Monthly Payments will be an amount equal to 3.00% for VISA, 2.00% for Vision VISA and 3.50% for VISA Gold of Your new unpaid Visa Platinum with Rewards, Visa Platinum Elite, Visa Platinum Feature Category balance at the end of each billing cycle, subject to the lesser of $15 ($10 for Vision VISA) or Your balance, plus any portion of the Minimum Payments shown on prior statement(s) which remains unpaid, plus any amount that exceeds Your approved Credit Limit.

OTHER FEES AND CHARGES. You will be charged the following fees and charges associated with the use of Your Card: (a) a returned check (or other negotiable instrument used for payment on Your Account) charge of $25 plus any fees and charges incurred by the Credit Union from third parties for any such item which is returned unpaid: (b) $25 for VISA Gold and $20 for VISA and Vision VISA for each billing cycle that You exceed Your approved credit limit: (c) $15 for each replacement Card or PIN issued to You: and (d) a statement/draft copy fee of $2.00 per page where Your request for copies is unrelated to a valid billing error dispute.

LOST CARDS. To report lost or stolen Credit Cards, immediately call the Credit Card Center at (800) 449-7728. You may also write to us at the address shown in this Agreement.

CREDITS. If a merchant who honors Your Card gives You credit for returns or adjustments, they will do so by sending Us a slip which will be posted to Your Account. If Your credits and payments exceed what You owe Us, We will hold and apply this credit against future purchases and cash advances, or if it is $1.00 or more refund it on Your written request or automatically deposit it to Your Share Account after 6 months.




It You think Your statement is wrong, or if You need more information about a transaction on Your statement, write Us on a separate sheet. at Our address shown in this Agreement. Write to Us as soon as possible. We must hear from You no later than 60 days after We sent You the first statement on which the error or problem appeared. You can telephone Us. but doing so will not preserve Your rights.

In Your letter, give Us the following information:

  • Your Name and Account number.
  • Dollar amount of the suspected error.
  • Describe the error and explain, if You can, why You believe there is an error. If You need more information, describe the item You are not sure about.

If You have authorized Us to pay Your Credit Card bill automatically from Your Share or Share Draft Account. You can stop the payment on any amount You think is wrong. To stop the payment. Your letter must reach Us three business days before the automatic payment is scheduled to occur.

YOUR RIGHTS AND OUR RESPONSIBILITIES AFTER WE RECEIVE YOUR WRITTEN NOTICE. We must acknowledge Your letter within 30 days, unless We have corrected the error by then. Within 90 days, We must either correct the error or explain why We believe the statement is correct.

After We receive Your letter, We cannot try to collect any amount You question, or report You as delinquent. We can continue to bill You for the amount You question, including Finance Charges, and We can apply any unpaid amount against Your Credit Limit. You do not have to pay any questioned amount while We are investigating, but You are still obligated to pay the parts of Your statement that are not in question.

If We find that We made a mistake on Your statement, You will not have to pay any Finance Charges related to any questioned amount. If We didn't make a mistake, You may have to pay Finance Charges, and You will have to make up any missed payments on the questioned amount. In either case, We will send You a statement of the amount You owe and the date that it is due.

If You fail to pay the amount that We think You owe, We report You as delinquent. However. if Our explanation does not satisfy You and You write to Us within 10 days telling Us that You still refuse to pay. We must tell anyone that We reported You to that You have a question about Your statement and, We must tell You the name of anyone We reported You to. We must tell anyone We reported You to that the matter has been settled between Us when it finally is.

If We don't follow these rules, We can't collect the first $50 of the questioned amount, even if Your statement is correct.

SPECIAL RULE FOR CREDIT CARD PURCHASES. If You a problem with the quality of property or services that You purchased with a Credit Card, and You have tried in good faith to correct the problem with the merchant, You may have the right not to pay the remaining amount due on the property or services. There are two limitations on this right:

a. You must have made the purchase in Your home state, or, if not within Your home state, within 100 miles of Your current mailing address; and

b. The purchase price must have been more than $50.

These limitations do not apply if We own or operate the merchant, or if We mailed You the advertisement for the property or services.

Minimum Payments for Signature Line of Credit (including Overdraft Protectioni will be established and fixed at the time of each advance at an amount equal to $3 per $100, or fraction thereof, of Your then outstanding balance, subject to the lesser of $15 or Your balance.

Any unpaid portion of the Finance Charge will be paid by subsequent payments and will not be added to Your principal balance. You understand that any delay in the repayment of Your unpaid balance will increase Your periodic Finance Charges and any acceleration in the repayment of Your unpaid balance will decrease Your periodic Finance Charges.

You may, by separate agreement. authorize Us to charge Your payment directly to Your Share or Share Draft Account.

LATE CHARGE (EXCEPT FOR VISA). If Your payment is more than 30 days late, You will be charged $25.

FINANCE CHARGES (EXCEPT FOR VISA). A Finance Charge will be assessed on any unpaid principal balance for each Feature Category of Your Account for the period such balance is outstanding. Balances change each time advances are made, payments are made or credits given under any Feature Category. The Finance Charge begins to accrue on the date of each advance and there is no grace period.

HOW TO DETERMINE THE FINANCE CHARGE (EXCEPT FOR VISA). For all Feature Categories (except for VISA), the Finance Charge is determined by multiplying Your unpaid balance at the close of each day in the billing cycle being accounted for by the applicable Daily Periodic Rate. The unpaid balance is the balance each day after payments, credits, and unpaid Finance or Late Charges have been subtracted and any new advances, insurance premiums or other charges have been added to Your unpaid balance. These daily Finance Charges are then added together and the sum is the amount of the Finance Charge owed for the Feature Category being accounted for. The total Finance Charge You owe on Your Account for each billing cycle is the sum of all the Finance Charges due for all applicable Feature Categories.

For the current Daily andior Monthly Periodic Rate (and the corresponding Annual Percentage Rate) for all Feature Categories, refer to the section titled "Additional Disclosure - Federal Truth-in-Lending Act".


We may transfer funds in multiples of $50 (or in such increments as We may from time to time determine) to Your Share Draft Account by an advance on Your Signature Line of Credit Feature Category, subject to this provision, to clear any Overdraft on Your Share Draft Account. Whether or not such transfers occur will be controlled by this Agreement. In any event, You hold Us harmless for any and all liability which might otherwise arise if the transfer does not occur. Overdraft Protection automatically ceases if this Agreement is ever cancelled or terminated or Your Account is in default.

PERIODIC STATEMENTS. On a regular basis, You will receive a statement showing all transactions on Your Account including amounts paid and borrowed since Your last statement. If We have issued You a Credit Card, We will mail You a statement each month in which there is a debit or credit balance or when a Finance Charge is imposed. We need not send You a statement if We feel Your Account is uncollectible or if We have started collection proceedings against You because You defaulted. Each statement is deemed to be a correct statement of account unless You establish a billing error pursuant to the Federal Truth-In-Lending Act.

DEFAULT. You will be in default if:
(a) You do not make any payment or perform any obligation under this Agreement, or any other agreement that You may have with Us; or
(b) You should die, become involved in any insolvency receivership or custodinl proceeding brought by or against You; or
(c) You have made a false or misleading statement in Your credit application and/or in Your representations to Us while You owe money on Your Account; or
(d) A judgment or tax lien should be filed against You or any attachment or garnishment should be issued against any of Your property or rights, specifically including anyone starting an action or proceeding to seize any of Your funds on deposit with Us: and/or
(e) We should, in good faith, believe Your ability to repay Your indebtedness hereunder is or soon will be impaired, time being of the very essence.
Upon any occurrence of default, We may, to the extent permitted by law, cancel Your rights under this Agreement, require the return of all access devices and declare the entire balance of every Feature Category of Your Account immediately due and payable and require the return of all access devices.

COLLECTION COSTS. To the extent permitted by law and in the event collection efforts are required to obtain payment on this Account, You agree to pay all court costs, private process server fees, investigation fees or other costs incurred in collection and reasonable attorney fees incurred in the course of collecting any amounts owed under this Agreement.

ENFORCEMENT. We do not lose Our rights under this or any related agreement if We delay enforcing them. We can accept late payments, partial payments or any other payments, even if they are marked "paid in full" without losing any of Our rights under this Agreement. If any provision of this or any related agreement is determined to be unenforceable or invalid, all other provisions remain in full force and effect.

NOTIFICATION OF ADDRESS CHANGE. You will notify Us promptly in writing if You move or otherwise have a change of address.

CHANGE IN TERMS. We may change the terms of this Agreement by mailing or delivering to You written notice of the changes as prescribed by the Federal Truth-ln-Lending Act. To the extent permitted by law, the right to change the terms of this Agreement includes, but is not limited to, the right to change the periodic rate applicable to Your unpaid balance and/or future advances.

CREDIT INSURANCE. Credit insurance is not required for any extension of credit under this Agreement. However, You may purchase any credit insurance available through Us and have the premiums added to Your outstanding Account balance. If You elect to do so, You will be given the necessary disclosures and documents separately. INTEGRATED DOCUMENTS. Any separate sheet of paper labeled "Additional Disclosure - Federal Truth-in- Lending Act" or "Credit Line Account Advance Request" which is delivered together with this Agreement or at a later date becomes an integrated part of this Agreement and Disclosure. CONSENT TO AGREEMENT. You acknowledge receipt of a copy of this Agreement. By signing the Application; by using Your Account or any Account access device; or by authorizing another to use Your Account, You agree to and accept its terms. UPDATING AND DISCLOSING FINANCIAL INFORMATION. You will provide facts to up-date information contained in Your original Account Application or other financial information related to You, at Our request. You also agree that We may, from time to time, as We deem necessary, make inquiries pertaining to Your employment, credit standing and financial responsibility in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. You further agree that We may give information about the status and payment history of Your Account to consumer credit reporting agencies, a prospective employer or insurer, or a state or federal licensing agency having any apparent legitimate business need for such information. TERMINATION. Either You or We may cancel Your Account or any particular Feature Category of Your Account, at any time, whether or not You are in default. You will, in any case, remain liable to pay any unpaid balances according to the terms of Your Account. GOVERNING LAW. This Agreement is controlled and governed by the laws of the State of Indiana except to the extent that such laws are inconsistent with controlling Federal law.


USE OF YOUR CARD. You may use Your Card to buy goods and services in any place that it is honored and to get cash advances at participating financial institutions. OWNERSHIP. Your Card remains Our property and may be cancelled by Us at any time without notice. You agree to surrender Your Card and to discontinue its use immediately upon Our request.

ISSUANCE OF A PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION NUMBER. We will issue, upon Your request, a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for use with participating Automated Teller Machines (ATMs). This PIN is confidential and should not be disclosed to anyone. You may use Your PIN to access Your Visa Platinum with Rewards, Visa Platinum Elite, Visa Platinum Feature Category and all sums advanced will be added to Your balance. In the event a use of Your PIN constitutes an Electronic Funds Transfer, the terms and conditions of Your Electronic Funds Transfer Agreement may also affect Your rights.

Additional Disclosure Federal Truth-In-Lending Act

This is a supplement to and Change in Terms of Your Credit Line Account Agreement and Disclosure and is effective April 1, 2000. Those items preceded by a (+) symbol represent a Change in Terms of Your Credit Line Account Agreement and Disclosure. All other terms and conditions of Your Agreement remain unchanged.

Feature Category   Monthly Periodic Rate Annual Percentage Rate
Visa Platinum with Rewards 0.742% 8.9%
Visa Platinum Elite 0.908% 10.9%
Visa Platinum 1.075% 12.9
Visa Platinum Basic 1.242% 14.9%
The annual percentage rate on an account three(3) or more cycles past due will increase to 16.9% ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE (APR). This periodic rate is 1.408%. The 16.9% APR will remain in effect until the account has been current for three (3) consecutive cycles. The interest rate will revert to the standard annual percentage rate upon three (3) consecutive minimum payments being made on or before the due date.

(+) SECURITY. As permitted by law, to secure all transactions under this Agreement in either joint or individual Accounts, We have the right to impress and enforce a statutory lien against Your shares on deposit with Us (other than those deposits established under a governmental approved tax deferral plan such as an IRA or KEOGH Account), and any dividends due or to become due to You from Us to the extent that You owe on any unpaid balance on Your Account and We may enforce Our right to do so without further notice to You. Additionally, You agree that We may set-off any mutual indebtedness on Your Account with such shares.

SPECIFIC TERMS APPLICABLE TO YOUR Visa Platinum with Rewards, Visa Platinum Elite, Visa Platinum CREDIT CARDS

(+) USE OF YOUR CARD. You may use Your Card to buy goods and services in any place that it is honored and to get cash advances at participating financial institutions. You agree not to use Your Card for illegal transactions including, but not limited to, advances made for the purpose of gambling and/or wagering where such practices are in violation of applicable state and/or Federal law.

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