New and Used Auto Loans

When it’s time for a new car, REGIONAL will help you drive it home with great rates and flexible terms up to 72 months (84 months for new autos). We finance up to 125% including taxes, title and registration fees.

Got something in mind that’s more of a "want" than a “need?” REGIONAL has you covered! We finance new and used motorcycles, boats and recreational vehicles, too.

Apply online today, or talk to a Lending Expert at 1-800-762-7419.

Refinancing and Auto Equity

Have an auto loan with another lender? Let REGIONAL help you save money by refinancing your loan. We refinance new and used auto loans.

We also offer Auto Equity loans—it’s like getting a Personal Loan at Auto Loan rates. Talk to a Lending Expert for full details.

GAP Insurance and Extended Warranty

Be prepared for the unexpected with GAP Advantage and Extended Warranty coverage.

If your car is totaled in a crash or stolen, your auto insurance probably only covers the vehicle’s value at the time of the loss, which can leave you still owing money on a car you can’t drive anymore. GAP Advantage covers that difference and gives you a $1,000 credit toward a replacement vehicle if you finance with REGIONAL.

With today’s high-tech vehicles, even a common problem can cost a lot of money to fix, and most manufacturer warranties expire in three to five years. An Extended Warranty from Route 66 covers major repairs after the factory warranty runs out. Coverage is available for new and used vehicles. Ask a REGIONAL representative for details.