Regular Savings

Regular Savings is your basic REGIONAL account—every member has one! You must keep at least $5 in this account at all times, but the rest is up to you. This account earns interest on balances over $200.

Special Savings

Have a special goal or long-term plan? A Special Savings helps you put money aside for whatever purpose you wish, plus you get to choose a name for this account. This account earns interest on balances over $200, with rates matching Regular Savings.

Daily Cash Account (DCA)

If you keep more in savings, a DCA may be right for you. This account earns a higher interest rate than Regular or Special Savings accounts on balances over $2,500.

Christmas Savings

If you want to save up for the holidays, but need an extra incentive to leave your money in an account, Christmas Savings may be right for you. Withdrawals from Christmas Savings may be made penalty-free from November 1st through December 31st each year. Interest rates are the same as for Regular or Special Savings accounts.